rfy9u7 Vintage Wall New York Mall Decor Plaque Gift as Accessory Bar Idea Bea rfy9u7 Vintage Wall New York Mall Decor Plaque Gift as Accessory Bar Idea Bea $11 rfy9u7 Vintage Wall Decor Plaque Gift Idea as Bar Accessory, Bea Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Home Décor Accents Bea,as,Bar,Wall,Vintage,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products , Home Décor Accents,$11,Idea,Gift,rfy9u7,/glareworm3757506.html,Plaque,allwellpharmacy.us,Decor,Accessory, Bea,as,Bar,Wall,Vintage,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products , Home Décor Accents,$11,Idea,Gift,rfy9u7,/glareworm3757506.html,Plaque,allwellpharmacy.us,Decor,Accessory, $11 rfy9u7 Vintage Wall Decor Plaque Gift Idea as Bar Accessory, Bea Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Home Décor Accents

gift rfy9u7 Vintage Wall New York Mall Decor Plaque Gift as Accessory Bar Idea Bea

rfy9u7 Vintage Wall Decor Plaque Gift Idea as Bar Accessory, Bea


rfy9u7 Vintage Wall Decor Plaque Gift Idea as Bar Accessory, Bea


Product description

Size:12×12 Inch  |  Color:Apricot-style18


Material: Plywood

Product Dimensions:

Item Size:30*50 cm(12×20 Inch), Item weight:436 g

Item Size:25*40 cm(10×16 Inch), Item weight: 396 g

Item Size:30*30 cm(12×12 Inch), Item weight: 372 g


1.It is recommended to wipe regularly with a damp cloth.

2.Due to objective factors such as production batches, machinery and equipment, it is normal to have small errors in dimensions.
Packing includes: 1*square wooden sign + 1*cotton and linen lanyard

rfy9u7 Vintage Wall Decor Plaque Gift Idea as Bar Accessory, Bea

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